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Rajasthan forts bring to life the age-old charm of the state. Explore the forts of Rajasthan by Palace on wheels Train, India.

Rajasthan Forts

Rajasthan FortsThe state of Rajasthan boasts of a rich cultural heritage and standing as testimony to this legacy, are the numerous forts and palaces situated there. Rajasthan forts, drenched in folklore and legends, represent the royal bygone era of the state. The architectural beauty of these forts speaks magnitudes about the excellent craftsmanship of the artisans of those times. Most of the forts in Rajasthan were constructed during the reign of the Mughal emperors and the Rajputs. Almost all the forts were built outside the city, to serve as a shield during enemy aggression. In the following lines, we have provided more information about each and every major fort in Rajasthan, India...

Amber Fort (Jaipur)
Amber fort, situated 11 km away from the Udaipur city, stands adorned with a blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture. Built in the year 1592, the fort has some exquisite frescoes, with carvings, semi-precious stones and mirror work.

Jaigarh Fort (Jaipur)
The Jaigarh Fort, also known as the Fort of Victory, is situated approximately 15 km from the Jaipur city. One of the major attractions of the fort is Jai Ban (Jaivan), the largest cannon in the world. There is also a rich collection of weapons, puppets, ancient coins, etc, on display inside the fort.

Nahargarh Fort (Jaipur)
Nahargarh Fort, literally meaning the 'abode of the tigers', dates back to the year 1734. As per the legends, the fort was named after Nahar Singh, a prince whose spirit blocked the construction efforts on the fort. The beauty of the fort is best seen at night, when it is brightly illuminated.

Jaisalmer Fort (Jaisalmer)
Jaisalmer Fort, also known as the Sonar Quila, is situated amidst the background of the Rajasthan desert, speckled with golden sands. The second oldest fort of Rajasthan, it comprises of palaces, havelis (mansions), temples, etc. The exquisite murals, filigree work, delicate carvings, etc of the fort are a must see.

Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur)
The Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur counts amongst the largest as well as most splendid forts in India. Built by Rao Jodha in 1459, the fort complex consists of a number of palaces, galleries and a museum, with a rich assortment of paintings, royal palanquins, costumes, arms and weapons, etc.

Ranthambore Fort (Ranthambore)
Ranthambore is not only known for its exotic wildlife, but also for housing a magnificent fort. Towering above a hill, the fort is a great architectural beauty in itself. It is one of the oldest forts in the country, said to be built by a Chauhan warrior in 944 AD.

Kumbhalgarh Fort (Udaipur)
Kumbhalgarh Fort was constructed near Udaipur, under the rule of Rana Kumbha, in the 15th century. One of the unique features of this fort is that it houses another fort inside its complex, along with a number of palaces and temples and a sanctuary.

Chittorgarh Fort (Udaipur)
It is said that Bhima, one of the five pandavas, constructed the Chittorgarh Fort near Udaipur. Apart from a number of palaces inside its complex, the fort also boasts of seven huge gates and two magnificent towers.

So plan your Rajasthan tour, keeping in mind these monuments. Many monuments remain closed on some of the holidays.

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